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The 5 Biggest Risks to a Freelancer’s Mental Health – And How To Deal With Them

We’re coming to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK, but mental health worries in the freelancing community are still very…
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Smartsociates: For Smart Students

A 2018 Guardian study concluded that 49% of adults under thirty have, or are striving towards the achievement of an undergraduate degree. You may be…
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How Do Freelancers Decide How Much to Charge?

You have the skills, you have the knowledge, and you’re confident you can do the job – so how much do you charge? It can…
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The Success of Six-Figure Freelancers

The Success of Six-Figure Freelancers Far from the image of freelancers scratching out a living, independent workers are in fact out-earning traditional workers. According to…
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Top 3 Ways To Be More Productive From Home

Top 3 Ways To Be More Productive From Home Working from home is often considered the ideal working environment – but it can be difficult to…
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