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What projects can be done on Smartsociates?

You can complete or post a high range of projects ranging from engineering to management consultancy (see all of our categories here). These projects can be small projects starting from £5 all the way up to larger scale projects.


Can I buy or provide services?

On Smartsociates we do not differentiate between our sellers and buyers so you can work on projects or/and get your projects completed by other users.


What is the escrow system?

On Smartsociates all payments are held within the platform until both parties agree the work has been completed on time. As a buyer, this means your money is held safe whilst a project is completed for you. As a seller, this means the money you are owed will be released as soon as you have completed the project. This provides a guarantee for both parties involved and so no-one is left short once a project has been completed.


How much does it cost to use Smartsociates?

It is free to sign-up onto the platform and get your profile displayed or to post projects, however, we take a small commission from projects that are being completed on the platform.

Our fees are as follows:

2.8% when crediting your wallet

20% on payments under £100

15% on payments between £100.01 and £500

10% on payments between £500.01 and £5000

5% on payments greater than £5000

To read more about our fees please see our Terms of Use.

Are upgrades available?

We have three account upgrades available for a cost; these are Pro, Business and Enterprise. To see more visit our Upgrade page.

If you have any other queries please contact: support@smartsociates.co.uk