Recent Changes on Smartsociates

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Recent Changes on Smartsociates

Here at Smartsociates, we are constantly working on improving our business and website to bring our best services to our users via great User Experience and User Interface.

Continue reading below for some of our recent updates and how you can use them to sell yourself as a freelancer on our website or buy services as a company or an individual!.

User Profile Changes

A revamp of Smartsociates user profiles allow for freelancers to display themselves and their abilities more proficiently.

User listings now showcase the work rather than the user’s face. The quality of your work is much more important than what you look like. Your work paired with your listed skills will attract potential clients to your profile.

Viewing a full user profile is now easier, with fewer clicks you can see all the users information in one look.

With fewer tabs, you can find a freelancer that can assist in your project much quicker.

Updating your user profile has never been easier! On just one page you can update every bit of information that allows you to sell yourself.

This includes our new feature that allows you to upload images of work examples. Add a title and an image, once saved they will appear on your profile and will allow potential clients to view your work and what you can do.

You can view our How To video here:

Introducing Pay Later

Smartsociates allows payment through PayPal, however, you can now choose to ‘Pay Later’. This will issue you an invoice upon ordering a service from a freelancer, you can then pay not only via PayPal but Western Union or Bank Transfer. This allows us to give a variety of payment options to our users worldwide.

You can view our how to video here:


We’ve added the functionality to send a timesheet, this allows freelancers to be paid by the hour whilst proving the hours they have worked to the client. To send a timesheet, view an order you have received and select ‘send a timesheet’.

You can view our How To video here:

Your Feedback Is Welcome

We appreciate all feedback we receive, we have therefore created a quick 5-minute survey to receive your opinions. You can find the survey here!

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