How to create an amazing freelance profile – stand out and win work

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How to create an amazing freelance profile – stand out and win work

How to Create an Awesome Portfolio?

Creating an awesome portfolio as a freelancer on a freelancing platform is a simple and smart job to do. As a freelancer, your portfolio is your brand, the clients get to see. Your portfolio is not just something you’d wake up and rush into. No! you should take your time to think and plan.

If your portfolio is built shabbily, it will imply that you’re not serious with your job, you’re not authentic. Therefore, your credibility and reliability will be questioned. Of course, your potential buyer will not think twice before they skip you to the next available freelancer.

How to Create an Awesome Portfolio?

Just before you start to create your portfolio, you can check other freelancers’ profiles just to give you a clue of the concept or pattern to create yours. This doesn’t mean you should copy and paste theirs as your profile. It’s a serious offense and you must not be caught. You can check for the bestselling or most recommended portfolios in your niche and observe how they built their portfolios. Then go back and compare with what you know you can offer. Also, you must go through the platform’s terms and conditions first, so you’ll be sure of things that are obtainable or not.

In creating an awesome portfolio, you’ll need to provide very striking information about you. Remember your portfolio is your brand, it is your identity. Using the best information that can speak volumes, make it clear, and straight to the point will be most suitable.

In creating an awesome portfolio, you’ll need to provide very striking information about you. Remember your portfolio is your brand, it is your identity. Using the best information that can speak volumes, make it clear, and straight to the point will be most suitable.

  • Starting with choosing a great name. you can find a link between your name and what service you offer. Using your name in brief, for instance, if your name is Annas Williams and you’re a freelance writer or graphics designer, you can use Annas wills content or just Annas wills can give your portfolio that professional Impressions.
  • Selecting a nice catchy profile photo for your portfolio; When clients take a glance at your photo, something tells them things about you, it creates a strong impression about you and so you must carefully select a good one.
  • Unleash all your interesting qualifications, achievements, and skills. Provided they’re relevant to the services you provide and can boost your portfolio professionally. Make it clear and brief.
  • Outline your job description; this is where you show your uniqueness. It’s more like a mini advert where you sell what you can do. Specifically, it is what your profile was created to do. Copying other freelancers will do you great harm. Abilities are not the same, so try to be authentic, unique, making it very clear, brief, and simple to read and understand.
  • You may also include your previous freelancing portfolio if you’ve got any. Link your portfolio to more professional websites like LinkedIn. Proofread what you’ve created.

What to Do if Your Profile Is Still Weak ?

As a freelancer, you may experience poor traffic on your portfolio. You might start to observe less interest in your profile for some time. What do you do? you should understand that such things happen and its simply normal. It only indicates a need for you to upgrade, edit, or change your profile. Sometimes this happens as a result of high demand for a particular service generally in the freelancing platform or the digital online marketing at large. All you need do is to go back to your portfolio and review it. If you feel you can’t any difference in boosting your profile, then you may have to hire a professional writer or good marketer to use their expertise and create a stronger portfolio for you. You can as well turn unto a friend who can assist you, put you through, or rather write it for you. Nobody is a master of all knowledge. You can as well contact other similar freelancers for help or you go through their profiles, compare and find out what is exceptional about their portfolio that you probably didn’t put in place, and effect changes.

Most preferably, freelance platforms offer regular tips on how to create great portfolios and how to boost your profile. Those notifications are not to be skipped rather they’re for your advantage. Get to make good use of them.

How to Stand Out in this competition ?

unique freelancing profile

It is not enough to create an awesome portfolio as a freelancer. You should constantly stand out in the rising competition and provide high-quality work to your a freelancer you need to stay motivated and productive. There are more strategic ways you can adopt to sustain relevance amongst other competitors in the freelancing platform.

Use of video:
Some freelancing platform encourages freelancers to include short videos clips as part of their profile. There’s something about using videos to communicate an idea, it helps build human connection and trust with your potential buyer. Visual connections are faster than written words. Create short, catchy, and informative videos.

Using social channels:
Are you a professional freelance? Then be proud to share your profile on your social media handles. That is a good strategy to advertise and make your contacts or potential clients to know what you do and come patronizing. This can boost your traffic.

Buyers review:
One of the places a potential client looks at before making a final decision whether to contact you or not is your list of reviews earned from your other clients. This has a lot to say you about the level of service you render. A job excellently done attracts a selling review from your buyer and this can boost your work.

Where to Hire the Best Freelancers?

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