How you can make money on Smartsociates

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How you can make money on Smartsociates

Welcome to Smartsociates! A place where everyone can work, earn and learn flexibly.

This article provides an overview of the different revenue streams available to Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Small businesses via the Smartsociates portal. There are additional notes on the website that describe Smartsociates Payment Flow when a Service provider fulfils an order on Smartsociates. If you are wondering whether Smartsociates is for you or are wanting to know how you can earn money on Smartsociates, please read through the following headings to get a full understanding of how Smartsociates can support your business to become financially viable.

1. Selling Skills or Expertise
We are living the fourth Industrial revolution which is a digital one; almost every traditional skill can be sold online. Millions of professionals are now online selling their skills in different geographic regions where their skills are badly needed. As a Freelancer or Small Business all you need to do is build your profile on Smartsociates and let the world know what you are capable of achieving, and the opportunities will come your way. The Smartsociates team is here to support you on this journey.

2. Providing Training, Coaching or Mentoring Services
The digital revolution is giving everyone the chance to share their knowledge and skills around the world in different ways. If you are good at doing something and you think others can benefit from what you are doing it is a great opportunity for you to earn extra income as a Freelance Trainer, Coach or Mentor by reaching out to Individuals and Businesses around the world who can benefit from your knowledge and skills in order to advance and excel in their career. All you need to do is to opt to become a Training Provider when updating you basic profile on Smartsociates and let people contact you. You can start planning and designing your courses and when your material is ready, Smartsociates will put you on the global map of Trainers using our Pro-Shop.

3. Remote Assistance
If you are not comfortable becoming a Trainer. Don’t worry there are other opportunities for you to transfer your knowledge and skills. Many people around the world are working hard to achieve their dreams but they get stuck on the way because they don’t have people like you around them and are online looking for help. Opt to provide Remote Support on Smartsociates so you can give them a lift to the next station of their journey. Entrepreneurs are online seeking help from Web Developers, Virtual Assistants, Software Installation, Cloud Computing, Proof Reading to name a few. They are willing to buy a few hours of your time to help them out. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

4. Selling on the Smartsociates
Based on feedback received from many Freelancers and Small Businesses, Smartsociates is introducing the Pro-Shop coming soon to better power up the community. Service Providers will be able to sell packaged services that will be listed on our Pro-Shop. Many Freelancers and Businesses prefer to attach a value to a package rather than charge hourly rates for delivering their services. Smartsociates is making it possible for all members of this community. Training providers will also be able to list their courses, workshops and events on the Pro-Shop so Clients can order and pay for this directly via the Pro-Shop.

5. Collaborating with other Freelancers or Businesses
The project is too big! I can’t do it on my own so I will not bid for it! Never mind there is a huge support network around you on Smartsociates. We all live in a sharing economy where collaboration is key to innovation and success. All you need is to put out a Collaboration request via Smartsociates free collaborative innovation portal to reach out to like-minded Freelancers and Businesses who can support in bidding and executing the project. Once a project is executed everyone becomes a winner.

And don’t forget!
As a Smartsociate you have to always be ahead of the game by continuously learning new skills and developing better ways of selling your skills. Smartsociates learning tools provides an affordable means to achieve lifelong learning, so please make sure you Learn as you Earn!


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  1. Obi Emmanuel says:

    If the platform has project collaborations, one to one support and other important features on the system, I think its worth giving it a go.

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