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What is gig economy?

What is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy is a market system that has temporary and flexible job positions, and organisations hire independent workers and freelancers for short-term commitment instead…
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become a productive freelancer

6 Ways To Become A Productive Freelancer

When you freelance, you get to decide how and when to work at your terms. This is one of the most excellent perks of freelancing.…
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Checklist To Become ASuccessful Freelancer

Checklist : To Become A Successful Freelancer

This is a complete checklist for freelancers Lets dive right in.. Your Complete Checklist Keep your daily job when you start freelancing Write down your…
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Smartsociates Statement on the Outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Two weeks ago, Smartsociates’ Pascal Pemha had a radio interview with TFM Radio on the impact of coronavirus on freelancers, self-employed and Small Businesses. The…
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Recent Changes on Smartsociates

Here at Smartsociates, we are constantly working on improving our business and website to bring our best services to our users via great User Experience…
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