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Flexible Working is Here: Anytime, Anywhere

Flexible Working is Here: Anytime, Anywhere The number of remote workers is on the rise – is flexible freelancing the future of the workplace? More…
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The Surprising Reality Is Freelancers Are Happy and Prospering

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent consultants — whatever you call them, the rise of the gig economy has made them a force to be taken seriously. Click…
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Smartsociates given assistance by Innovate Tees Valley

Smartsociates, which is based in Middlesbrough, was founded in 2015 and provides a forum for freelance workers, contractors and small businesses within the engineering and…
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Smartsociates at Digital Friday

Demo Day at DigitalCity for participants of the DigitalCity Fellowship Accelerator Programme . Smartsociates was privileged to pitch to wide audience of business leaders and…
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Trend Could Make Freelancing A Lot More Fun And Meaningful

Good news for freelancers who wish their careers weren’t just a random set of assignments and yearn to work with clients who can connect them…
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