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Smartsociates given assistance by Innovate Tees Valley

Smartsociates, which is based in Middlesbrough, was founded in 2015 and provides a forum for freelance workers, contractors and small businesses within the engineering and…
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Smartsociates at Digital Friday

Demo Day at DigitalCity for participants of the DigitalCity Fellowship Accelerator Programme . Smartsociates was privileged to pitch to wide audience of business leaders and…
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Trend Could Make Freelancing A Lot More Fun And Meaningful

Good news for freelancers who wish their careers werenโ€™t just a random set of assignments and yearn to work with clients who can connect them…
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Mark Carney on the Future of Work

Governor Mark Carney of the Bank of England said it all for Smartsociates. We listened to him live last Thursday from the NE FinanceCamp in…
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Smartsociates Supporting students

Our team has spent the last three weeks helping students to realise their potentials as part skills exchange program at the central exchange, South Shields.…
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