Smartsociates: For Smart Students

A Workplace and Learnplace for Freelancers, Contractors and SMEs

Smartsociates: For Smart Students

A 2018 Guardian study concluded that 49% of adults under thirty have, or are striving towards the achievement of an undergraduate degree.

You may be thinking โ€“ what does that mean for me?

The post-graduation job market is a real-life Hunger Games (without the famine and violence). Positions are limited, and only the most qualified succeed. When you are the victor of your professional aspirations, you could be thanking Smartsociates for helping you acquire skills, confidence and success.

Why sign up to Smartsociates?

  • You can create a profile, browse vacancies and advertise your skills for free. University lecturers often emphasise the importance of selling yourself. Smartsociates provides an easy-access platform to promote your personal brand.
  • Smartsociates can provide opportunity to cultivate vast, global networking opportunities. You can never have too many glowing, personal references.
  • Juggling deadlines, social time and turning up to 9AM lectures can be compared to a baptism of fire. Freelancing provides the opportunity for flexible working, often from the comfort of your own home.
  • A recent Independent study assessing graduate recruitment and selection found 58% of top employersโ€™ value previous experience as the most popular qualification a candidate can possess.

Are you convinced yet? Hang up the cap and gown, and pick up the drive to succeed. Stand out from the crowd, launch your career, learn and earn with Smartsociates.

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