Smartsociates Statement on the Outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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Smartsociates Statement on the Outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Two weeks ago, Smartsociates’ Pascal Pemha had a radio interview with TFM Radio on the impact of coronavirus on freelancers, self-employed and Small Businesses. The following notes summarise Smartsociates response to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona Virus).

The impact of Coronavirus on Freelancers, Self-employed and Small business should not be undermined by the government. In devising emergency plans to counteract the outbreak and spread of the virus these group of people should not be left out because they power a huge supply chain across different sectors of the economy. They are now faced with potential disruption in their income/revenue as companies begin to wind down on CAPEX activities. They do not have the same level of income security as permanent employees and failing to support and sustain this vulnerable group may result in a larger disruption in the whole supply chain with long-term economic consequences.

It is important to emphasize that health comes first, and it is imperative to follow health guidance provided by the government in response to the spread of COVID-19. Smartsociates will continue to advocate for flexible working for a sustainable workforce of the future which is in line with current government guidance.

Over the next few weeks, Smartsociates will engage with local authorities to discuss potential ways of supporting freelancers and self-employed workers, most of whom will be stuck at home thinking of the next move. However, as suggested in the Radio Interview it is time for members of this community to get together and start seeking for ways of supporting each other. More also having a conversation with your key clients about the level of flexibility that can be achieved in performing your activities during this period. It is very important to ensure that both parties should collaborate effectively in order to lessen the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

Smartsociates will be offering zero transaction fee to Freelancers who are thinking of reaching out to new clients via Smartsociates to work remotely. Likewise, Clients who are looking for freelancers who can flexibly support their business remotely.

Wishing everyone the very best during these very difficult times from everyone on the Smartsociates team!

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