The 3 Top Reasons Hiring a Freelancer is Best for Business

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The 3 Top Reasons Hiring a Freelancer is Best for Business

The 3 Top Reasons Hiring a Freelancer is Best for Business

More and more businesses are outsourcing work to the growing freelance population – and they’re reaping the benefits.

There are almost five million freelancers in the UK, and with freelancers expecting to comprise 50% of the workforce by 2020 it’s time to get ahead of the trend and make the most of this dynamic market. But when you’re used to working in one particular way it can be difficult to break away from the standard employee-salary paradigm: after all, you spend a lot of time recruiting and finding the perfect candidate for the job, and there’s an element of trust with permanent members of staff that can be hard to replicate with project-based workers. But hiring freelancers has a number of benefits over regular employment that make it appealing to businesses of all sizes.

1. Using freelancers saves money

For one thing, freelancers aren’t working in your office space. You aren’t paying for rent of WiFi, air con or central heating, lighting or computer energy in your rooms, and additional expenses such as training and holiday pay are all taken out of the equation. Freelancers are paying their own way – businesses only pay for the work they receive.

In fact, possibly the biggest money-saving aspect of working with freelancers is that you aren’t tied to a salary. Once the work is complete, business and freelancer can part ways until it’s time to work together again.

2. Working with freelancers saves time

Freelancers want to get paid and move on to their next project. They know that if they complete the work on time and to specifications they get good reviews, meaning that they pick up more work in the long run. And since freelancers are paid per project rather than a monthly salary, it makes more sense to complete on job as quickly as possible so that they can move on to the next. Workers on a wage, however, have little incentive to be hasty with their deadlines or to refrain from socialising during working hours: after all, at the end of the day they’re still paid the same.

3. You aren’t limited to your own employees

Possibly the greatest advantage to hiring freelancers is that you have access to an extremely expansive talent pool. The people you hire are (hopefully) the best applicants available, but without the limits of the daily commute, you can choose from a broad range of applicants that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to work with you, including international freelancers. Besides, employees that seem perfect for the job at the time don’t necessarily remain such a good fit: as the role changes to fit the needs of the business, employees can struggle to adapt. When you hire the perfect freelancer for one task, you’re not tied to them for every task thereafter – simply move on to find the next great worker for your next great project.

Finding freelancers

One poll found that 79% of UK businesses consider outsourcing to freelancers as “a big part of [their] business strategy,” and it’s likely that this percentage will increase as digitisation improves collaboration in remote working. It can be intimidating to give up the control of in-house staff, but a trusted third-party platform can make the process smooth and much less daunting. Smartsociates provides one global workplace to find the perfect freelancer for whichever task you need completing, with a dedicated team on hand to make you feel as comfortable as chatting with an employee at their desk.

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