The Benefits of Freelancing: 5 Reasons the Freelance Workforce is Growing

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The Benefits of Freelancing: 5 Reasons the Freelance Workforce is Growing

The freelance self-employed are growing – but what makes this way of working so attractive to people all around the world?

  1. Freelancers can charge more

One of the most attractive aspects of freelance working is that you can earn more per hour than workers who are tied to a salary. Since employers are only paying one fixed sum that is much smaller than what they would pay an employee (and for a much shorter period), freelancers can charge a higher fee for their time.

  1. You can choose your own projects

Employees of a company are typically tied to the planning of someone higher up. A manager chooses the projects you will be assigned to and what your role will be, whereas freelancers aren’t bound to one company or even one sector. Providing you have the skills, you can work in all areas that you have an interest in and engage with projects that demand different skills and experience, including consulting, tutoring, and training. And if you’re good at managing your time, there’s no reason you can’t work on multiple projects at the same time.

3. Control when you work

As a freelancer, you’re your own boss. It sounds cliché but it’s true: there’s no fuss about annual leave allowances or manoeuvring around other colleagues’ time off. Offices are tailored to meet the needs of the business, which can often mean that individual preferences are swept aside. If the 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday grind doesn’t appeal to you, freelancing is the flexible alternative. If you have errands to run, kids to raise, or even just prefer irregular working hours – such as working forty hours over four days so you can have a long weekend – then there’s no reason you can’t make your business work around you rather than the other way around.

4. You aren’t tied to an office

The average commute to work in the UK is 54 minutes, which means that almost two hours of an employee’s day are wasted just getting to and from work. It’s also having a damaging effect on our mental health, with the Office for National Statistics finding that as our journeys increase, feelings of happiness, job satisfaction, and overall life satisfaction decrease with their anxiety increasing. (2) However, freelancers aren’t tied to one location, or even required to leave home at all. Most find that they can work anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. Bedroom? Coffee shop? As a freelancer you aren’t restricted to a desk. You can even accept work on your mobile phone while you’re on the go.

5. Freelancers have more scope for self-development

Instead of being confined to one role within one company, freelancing allows you to gather a range of experiences. It looks better on a CV, expands your skills, and keeps each project fresh and dynamic. Freelancers also have a better work-life balance and are able to better control their workloads.

Embrace the freelancing trend and get ahead of the crowd

The freelance way of working is growing around the world, with UK self-employed workers growing 34% to 4.8 million in the last decade. Get ahead of the curve now and stand out from the growing crowd with Smartsociates, either by working full-time as a freelancer or working on projects in addition to your regular job for extra income. Even volunteering as a graduate can gain you valuable experience that will make your CV stand out to the right people.


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  1. Pascal says:

    I agree with point 4. As a freelancer there is more scope for development because you are constantly chasing work and have a better understanding of skills in demand in the job market. This mean I will be able to direct my learning to match the demand of the job market.

  2. Obi Emmanuel says:

    Hi Pascal thanks for your comment

  3. Steve Fox says:

    The most beneficial thing for me is that freelancing provides flexibility, as this article perfectly points out.

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