Why Hire An On-Demand Recruitment Agency?

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Why Hire An On-Demand Recruitment Agency?

Why Hire An On-Demand Recruitment Agency?

All businesses in almost all industries have different phases when it comes to hiring. There are times when the hiring goes on a freeze or slows down tremendously, and then there are times when businesses go through hiring spikes. When organisations face the challenge of immediate need of hiring talent, they can choose to go for on-demand recruitment that will help them with resources and also improve their talent acquisition outcomes. 

When it comes to the on-demand business model, companies need to compose the required infrastructure, relationships, workflows, and cultural mindset. When these elements are aligned, it becomes easier to approach the talented and large pool of on-demand workers who work remotely by their choice, have multiple clients, and collaborate on a project-by-project basis. 

Some organisations face some challenges while hiring on-demand talent, but these challenges could be overcome with proper planning and strategy. Let’s go through how hiring with the help of on-demand recruiters for short-term requirements can help your team members and organisation, and why you should choose this path.

The functionality of the on-demand recruitment agency

The functionality of the on-demand recruitment agency

On-demand recruitment is the process of hiring when flexibility, speed, and industry-specific talent expertise are the highest priorities. There could be times when your internal recruitment team is loaded and needs assistance or if your company has limited resources. During such times, collaborating with on-demand recruiters could help you in finding the right in-house talent.

How does it work?

  • Set up a meeting or call with an on-demand recruitment agency and discuss your requirements and challenges.
  • The on-demand team of recruiters understand your requirements and accordingly start their work on finding and recruiting the talent you need.
  • Depending on your talent-hiring needs, you can stay in collaboration with on-demand recruiters. It can be for weeks or months.
  • Once you have fulfilled your requirements, you can end your engagement with the team, and if you require their services in the future, you can collaborate again.

Why hire on-demand talent?

Why hire on-demand talent?

Your business growth demands it

When you are growing your business, you have many financial responsibilities. You could face challenges of reworking on your headcount more than required or how you imagined it would be. This could be a mentally taxing task, and you should be instead utilising your time and energy in tasks that require more attention. 

When it comes to on-demand workers, the arrangement with them about the project and its tenure is clear from the beginning. There would be other factors such as renewal options and extension of the project’s duration, but that is all covered in the agreement. This saves you and the worker from the trouble of abrupt termination.  

It helps you welcome different business opportunities

Traditional hiring processes can be time-consuming at times. When your client wants to allocate a big project to you or is expecting a quicker turnaround on a new project that would be a significant revenue generator for your company, you would obviously want to take it up. In such a situation, having the right and qualified team to deliver is of high priority. You might need to hire new talent to make the team stronger. 

If you go for conventional hiring, you could be spending weeks or even months in just finding the right talent. When you choose to hire an expert on-demand worker, not only the hiring process would be faster, but you could quickly get them started on the project. 

No geographical boundaries

When you hire somebody who is located in the city where your office is or is willing to relocate, your options still could be limited. You might find somebody who is more talented but is neither in your city nor willing to relocate. With on-demand talent, they could be situated anywhere in the world, and that would not impact your project at all. You would still be getting the top talent according to your requirements without having to compromise on the quality. 

Economical than hiring an agency

For some tasks, you might be confused between insourcing and outsourcing. Hiring a full-time employee might not be necessary, and onboarding an external agency might add extra cost than anticipated. In such a situation, on-demand workers happen to fit in the puzzle perfectly. You can hire an expert based on the number of projects you have and accordingly make an arrangement with them. You will be saving money plus getting the work done rightly. 

Both, on-demand recruitment agency and on-demand talent, are great solutions for organisations which do not want to be limited with resources on hand and are working on grand plans for themselves. These solutions add convenience, save money, and provide quality.

How can Smartsociates help?

  • Risk management: We thoroughly screen all profiles registered in our portal. When you post a project, our database suggests profiles which are qualified for your requirement. If needed, our recruitment team can help you find freelancers or contractors for short-term or long-term projects. Hiring on-demand talent from a trusted platform ensures that your work is delivered safely on time without any hassles.
  • Quality management : Many companies face quality issues when they hire freelancers directly. Due to the lack of a standard screening process, you might find yourself in a difficult situation with the freelancer. There could be an issue with the NDA, delayed project delivery, substandard work or lack of communication that could affect your project. With Smartsociates, you could be confident that you would not have to deal with such issues.
  • Payment security: Our payment system safeguards clients who hire on-demand talent on our portal. The project is usually divided into workpacks, and only when the freelancers deliver the work according to the agreement, the payment is released to


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